Faculty of Ushuluddin, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta receives 185 new students through the merit-based selection process (PMDK) For 2016/2017 Academic Year. Out of the 185 new students, 80 students receives Public Service Agency (BLU) UIN Jakarta scholarships program.

It was conveyed by the Dean of Faculty of Ushuluddin Prof. Dr. Masri Mansoer M.Ag to UIN News Online, Thursday (28/07). “Alhamdulillah, the selection process went run smoothly although we have to select the new prospective new students strictly,” he explained.

According to data from the Faculty of Ushuluddin, all 185 new students entered the four study programs offered by the faculty. 45 students accepted Comparative Religion study program, 63 people took Tafsir Al-Quran study program, 43 people received Aqidah and Islamic Philosophy study program, and 34 people in Tasawuf study program.

In addition to entering at their expense, some students received BLU scholarship. 26 people in Comparative Religion study program, 28 people in Tafsir Al-Quran study program, and 26 people in Prodi Aqidah and Islamic philosophy. “Only qualified students shall accept BLU scholarship,” said Masri.

Furthermore, Masri said, the selection is done by filtering the prospective students from various Islamic Boarding Schools (Pondok Pesantren) or Islamic schools (Madrasah) with strong Islamic studies. It is done so that the accepted students can follow the learning process according to their chosen course of study. (ika p/Achmad Baiquni/zm/umar)

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