FPsi, UIN News Online – Faculty of Psychology (FPsi) of UIN Jakarta holds public lecture, raising the theme on “Peran Psikologi Dalam Pengembangan Kompetensi SDM di Indonesia” on Thursday, (3/1/2018) at Auditorium of Faculty of Psychology, Campus II of UIN Jakarta. The event was held in order to explain the important role of graduates of the psychology faculty in the world of work and its influence in the civil state apparatus (ASN) environment. This event presents the head of National Civil Service Agency (BKN) Ir. Bima Haria Wibisana, MSIS, PhD.

Bima Haria in his presentation explained that there are some important points that are needed by the ASN, such as the creativity and ability to make various innovations, agility and flexibility, teamwork and cooperation, persistence and perseverance. “These capabilities are needed by the civil state apparatus to answer the current challenge,” he said.

He also added that there are several problems regarding the ASN management, such as a mismatch between qualification and competencies for particular role as well as many positions that have not been standardized.

“The problem must be resolved immediately to improve the quality of the ASN itself,” he added.

Furthermore, Bima also advised all public lecture participants to stay innovative in order to compete with other graduates.

Based on UIN News Online observation, the participants are very enthusiastic to follow the course of the event. Several questions were asked by the students to the speakers towards the end of the event. (usa)


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