Psychology Building, UIN NEWS Online— Student Executive Council (DEMA) Faculty of Psychology UIN Jakarta held Student Recitation Program. The event, entitled Maintaining the Unity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia with the Realization of Tolerant Society, was held at Prof. Dr. Zakiah Darajat Theater, Faculty of Psychology, UIN Jakarta on Friday (12/05). This event aims to provide understanding of students in addressing the Indonesian state administration associated with Islamic perspectives.

Also present at the event, Vice Dan of Student Affairs Dr Diana Mutiah, speaker Dr Faizah Ali Sibromalisi (Tafsir Hadist Expert/Lecturer of Faculty of Ushuludin), and the program participant that consist of psychology students.

In her speech, Diana delivered the introduction of the material as well as introducing the recitation activities which is the Faculty of Psychology program for one year ahead.

“As we know, the recent phenomenon is about NKRI, Pancasila, and Khilafah are being discussed in this country. In the discussion forum today the speaker will explain in more detail especially in the analysis of Islamic studies, “said Diana.

She also said, student recitation forum was initiated by Faculty of Psychology this year and will be held every Friday from 10.00AM until 11.30AM.

“Therefore, it is expected that all students can participate in this recitation program. Recalling the many benefits that can be taken because of the diversity of themes to be speak of every month,” said Diana ending her speech.

In the same place, Faizah explains about the importance of Islamic preaching within youngsters, because of the fact that the task of delivering and reminded to obey the commands of God and away from the ban of God is the duty of every Muslim.

“Preaching is not just for some people, but to anyone who claims to be Muslim then it is obligatory for them to submit appeals to Islam, because of the fact that every human being is the khilafah of the world,” said Faizah.

Added Faizah, addressing the advancement of information and technology today, there is an opportunity how we can preach effectively and efficiently. However, the delivery of preachs in social media must keep abreast of social norms, should pay attention to good speech, decency in conveying, and responding to every preaching challenge in social media intelligently.

“So, it can reflect the tolerance of Muslims in preaching in the life of the nation,” she said bluntly. (usa)

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