Main Auditorium, UIN News Online – Faculty of medicine (FK) UIN Jakarta holds the 29th Hippocratic Oath, Thursday (04/25/2019) at the Harun Nasution Main Auditorium, campus I of UIN Jakarta.

Present in the event, Rector of UIN Jakarta Amany Lubis, Medicine Faculty Dean Heri Hendarto, Director of RSUP Fatmawati M Syafak Hanung, IDI Secretary for Banten region Alian Setiawan, and invited guests.

Rector in her remarks appreciates and congratulates the newly appointed doctors. She also expressed her gratitude to all partners of FK UIN Jakarta who have collaborated to accelerate the entire learning process.  “Congratulations to all new doctors who have been sworn in today. To all partners, we thank you for your cooperation, hopefully this commitment continues for the benefit of the community,” said Rector.

Meanwhile, Director of RSUP Fatmawati dr M Syafak Hanung said the success of a doctor will be judged on how he is able to respond to and how deal with circumstances. “Therefore, the faculty is expected to be able to guide these new doctors in taking their next step,” said Hanung.

He also congratulated the new appointed appointed doctors. “The collaboration between FKIK UIN and Fatmawati hospital has been established for a long time. This collaboration includes the fields of education, training and work practices. Hopefully, it will positively contribute to the development of medical sciences in Indonesia,” he hoped.

Moreover, Dean of FK UIN Jakarta Heri Hendarto emphasized that the alumni of FK UIN Jakarta were also included as alumni of Fatmawati Hospital. This is due to Fatmawati Hospital has contributed in producing professional and qualified doctors from FK UIN Jakarta.

“As an alumnus of the Faculty of Medicine UIN Jakarta, you must be able to maintain the good name of your alma mater,” he said. (usa)

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