Aqib Suminto Theater, UIN News Online – As a work of art and culture, films has a strategic role in the nation’s cultural resilience and welfare. The state is responsible for advancing the films. Moreover, film is one medium to educate the nation’s life, self-potential development, noble character building, social welfare advancement, as well as to promote Indonesia to the international world.

This was conveyed by the head of LSF RI Major General Dr Ahmad Yani Basuki during his presentation in discussion and socialization on censorship policy at Prof Dr Aqib Suminto Theater FIDK UIN Jakarta, Tuesday, (9/19/2017).

“In the era of globalization, film can be a means of cultural penetration. However, we need to dispose one of it’s negative effect which is incompatible with the ideology of Pancasila and national identity,” he added.

According to Ahmad Yani, LSF RI requires the supports from all communities, especially the academic community to conduct discussion forums with Indonesian film industry stakeholders.

Meanwhile, Prof Zaituhan Subhan explained that LSF is an independent institution appointed by the President, and is tasked with censoring films and movie advertisements before being circulated to the public.

“LSF RI also conducting a research and assessment of the titles, themes, images, scenes, sounds, and subtitles of a film as well its advertisements before it is shown to the public,” she said.

She also added that LSF RI has several programs, such as improving the quality of film censorship and film advertising, disseminating the LSF Laws and Policy Regulations to filmmakers, compiling and issuing some necessary rules, and intensifying the socialization on self censoring culture that will enable the community to proportionally positioning the films, providing protection with legal certainty over censored films, and increasing the knowledge and ability of the community in selecting films according to their age classification. (usa)

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