Kendari, UIN NEWS Online– Ethno Carnival UIN Jakarta scout contingent was awarded best first National Event Wirakarya campsite (PWN) to the 13th College of Religious (PTK) which took place on the campus IAIN Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi. The award was granted the Director of Islamic Higher Education Ministry of Religious Affairs, Prof. Dr. Proverbs Bakhtiar at the closing ceremony in the grounds of the campus IAIN Kendari, Sunday (22/5/16).

Ethno carnival costume worn by UIN Jakarta contingent in the parade of the opening ceremony of the 13th PWN PTK opened Minister of Religious Affairs Lukman Hakim Saifuddin in Kendari city of Religious Monument, Monday (16/5/16). The Carnival Ethno shaped Bondol eagles, rare bird that became the mascot of Jakarta along Salak Condet. The costume is white the dominant color was worn by a model Rahmalia Agustina Putri, Indonesian student Department of Education and Teaching Faculty Tarbiyah.

“I am pleased and proud of the award. In fact, not only am I proud but also a contingent of UIN Jakarta, “said Rahmalia. As for the second and third awards respectively given to contingent STAIN Pekalongan, Central Java and Jambi IAIN.

Ethno carnival held to enliven the opening of the 13th PTK PWN with the host IAIN Kendari. Some contingents respectively show his skill by presenting a variety of interesting and unique costumes. In addition to accentuating the ethnic and local culture, not a few also includes symbols of scouting with a variety of ornaments and colors.

“We chose the eagle costume Bondol rather than a simple shape, as well as campaigns aimed at the preservation of endangered species,” said Nana Syaikhu, scoutmaster UIN Jakarta who became coaches accompanying the grand event of the biennial.

The main habitat of eagles Bondol (Haliastur indus) is a coastal area, mangroves, marshes, and lakes in the lowlands up to an altitude of 3000 meters above sea level. In Jakarta alone, the Bondol eagle habitat in the area of ​​mangrove forests in the Thousand Islands, especially on Kotok and Scout Island. (NS) Translated by: Ihsan/Safee

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