Rectorate, UIN NEWS Online– 11 types of activities and 53 a series of events to enliven the 59th ADIA milad-IAIN-UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta. The series of events is scheduled for one month starting on the 29th April to 1 June 2016 was held in the campus environment UIN Jakarta, street Ir. H. Juanda no. 95 Ciputat South Tangerang City.

He began a series of activities the 59th Milad at UIN Jakarta, namely by opening the 59th Milad at UIN Jakarta with the theme to gain International Recognition, the rector Gala dinner and members of the press alumni of UIN Jakarta, a meeting of the university senate,100th graduation, a leisurely stroll and some activities more.

The second type of activity namely, traces 59 years titi prey UIN Jakarta which includes seminar Effect Islamic Education for Social Living and Student Entrepreneur, wisdom Isra Mi’raj: UIN Jakarta reverent toward the university world, the path of light leading research university, a photo exhibition, a short story contest, student research contest, expo book by academicians of UIN Jakarta, charity, and tomb pilgrimage.

Third, the stage includes the creation and appreciation of acoustic music shows, theatrical monologues, stand up comedy, poetry readings, film screenings, and discussions. Fourth, the green movement campus UIN Jakarta covering the event free of garbage and cigarette butts, UIN Jakarta seminar drug free, and clean-situ kuru with the Rector.

Fifth, entertainment which includes the singing of Islamic songs, fun climbing, folk fairs, fashion shows hijab models, pop singer contest and photo contest. Sixth, UIN covering sport court tennis tournament (between leaders UIN), futsal, volleyball, basketball, badminton, football (among students), classical chess, table tennis (among employees UIN).

Seventh, the Messenger highlights child covering the race to read the Koran, coloring calligraphy, islahus prayer and azan (for orphans aged early childhood and elementary school). Eighth, the path of goodwill UIN Jakarta which includes the launch of an international program (UIN SCOUT road to Korea, KPA Arkadia road to Damavan-Iran, PSM UIN road to Korea), and seminars to safely climb the mountain.

Ninth, festival cultural window archipelago that includes the seminar urgency Indonesian cultural preservation in the face of the MEA, book review social jurisprudence: the future of jurisprudence Indonesia, saman dance competitions between faculties, carnival culture of the archipelago, and traditional arts stage. Tenth, recitation and dhikr from the rector and guardian of the band covering the event benefitting the orphans, tausiyah by the rector, yasinan and tahlilan, praying together, and maulidan and Marhaban.

As for the type of activities that the eleventh was the highlight of the event and the closing night of appreciation and grace UIN covering events boon national figures, dance performances saman, grace rector of UIN Jakarta, musical performances, the grace of community leaders, grace lecturer and best employees, and the distribution of prize competitions milad. (NJS/LRF) Translated by: Ihsan/Safee

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