UIN Jakarta Takes the Oath of 60 New Pharmacists

Fikes, UIN News Online – The Faculty of Health Sciences (Fikes) UIN Jakarta inaugurates the graduates of Pharmacist Professional Program, Thursday (03/16/20230. The graduation of the new pharmacists from UIN Jakarta confirms the success of the transformation of Islamic higher education carried out by UIN Jakarta.

Dean of Fikes UIN Jakarta Zilhadia expressed her happiness appreciation towards the newly inaugurated pharmacist. Appreciation and happiness, said Zilhadia, need to be given because it succeeded in establishing the UIN Jakarta Pharmacist Professional Program with a graduation percentage of 93.75 percent.

Alhamdulillah, the percentage of our graduates managed to reach 93.75 percent. This is the result of all of our hard work after the Covid 19 pandemic,” said Zilhadia.

Apart from the 93.75 percent percentage for the first taker graduation rate, she continued, the pharmacists who were inaugurated today recorded other proud academic achievements. This is because the total number of students who scored an A reached 30% with the highest Indonesian Pharmacist Competency Examination (UKAI) score of 91.

It is known that the UKAI CBT method has requirements for a Passing Limit Value (NBL) of 56.35 as a guarantee for the quality of graduates. “This is a proud achievement at the beginning of 2023,” she said.

Furthermore, Zilhadia hopes that these new pharmacists can live their profession as well as possible and actively contribute to the development of public health.

Meanwhile, Representing the Rector of UIN Jakarta who unable to attend, Vice Rector for Student and Alumni Affairs of UIN Jakarta Ali Munhanif also expressed his appreciation for the inauguration of the new pharmacists.

“Congratulations, here, today, we witness that your hard work, perseverance and discipline have produced extraordinary results. We wish you greater success in the future,” said Ali.

Appreciation is also conveyed to Fikes and the Pharmacist Professional Program who have worked hard to produce graduates with a fairly high graduation rate.

“I am sure that the 93.75 percent graduation rate exceeds other pharmacist programs from all universities in Indonesia, with a passing percentage of 72-73 percent,” he explained.

According to Ali, as a State Islamic Religious Higher Education under the auspices of the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs, he added, Fikes’ success in producing pharmacists was a matter of pride for UIN Jakarta. “The existence of these pharmacists proves the Islamic higher institutions transformation process by offering high quality education,” he said.

The inauguration ceremony for the new pharmacist was also attended by a number of representatives from the Indonesian Ministry of Religion, the Indonesian Pharmacist Association (IAI), and the Indonesian Pharmaceutical Council. Each of them was represented by the Head of Islamic Boarding School Education, Sub-Directorate of the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affaira Basnang Said, Deputy General Secretary of the IAI Tresnawati, and Member of the Indonesian Pharmaceutical Council Azri Fitria. (zm/usa)

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