Student Organizations

In order to support student activities, UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta encourage students facilitates to form a student government. Student Government consists of institutions at university level student, faculty level, and department level. There are also units of Student Activities (SMEs) engaged in a particular field. Those Institutions are:

University Level

  1. University Student Senate (SEMA)
  2. University Student Council (DEMA)
  3. Student Activity Unit (SMEs), consisting of:
    1. Campus Propagation Institute (LDK)
    2. Qari-Qaria Student Association (HIQMA)
    3. Student Press Institute (INSTITUTE)
    4. Syahid THEATER
    5. Student Choir (PSM)
    6. Student Sports Federation (FORSA)
    7. KPA-Arkadia
    8. SCOUT
    9. MENWA
    10. KMM-RIAK
    11. Volunteer Corps – Indonesian Red Cross (KSR-PMI)
    12. KOPMA
    13. Student Group Environmental Affairs (KMPLHK)
    14. Foreign Languages ​​Association (LANGUAGE FLAT)
    15. Photography Student Community (KMF) KALACITRA

Faculty level

Student Organizations at the faculty level is only BEMFA (Student Executive Board of the Faculty)

Department Level

Student Organizations at all Departments is BEMJ (Student Executive Board of the Department). Student activities are generally channeled through intra campus organization. The student organizations organize and carry out activities in the field of science, development of interests and talents, as well as social.