Rectorate, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta students recorded proud achievements at the international level. Mawardi Pohan, a student of the Comparative Schools of Islamic Jurisprudence department FSH UIN Jakarta, was selected to participate in the International Islamic Art Virtual Exhibition from 17 October to 17 November 2021.

This seventh semester student was joined by 174 artists from 26 countries such as India, Malaysia, Egypt, Austria, England, China, Macedonia, Yemen, Japan and others. The exhibition titled ‘The Power of Kaaba Islamic Art Virtual Exhibition’ was held by the Islamic Art Exhibition (IAE) in collaboration with the Jakarta Islamic Center (JIC).

At this exhibition, Mawardi sent his best work in the form of a calligraphy entitled ‘Magnet Rezeki’ (2021). This calligraphy with Kaaba images and newspaper illustrations was made with acrylic paint on canvas with a size of 115 X 150 cm.

“This work looks so unique with its own philosophy in every detail of the ornament,” he said.

In his work, Lafaz Allah is written dominantly. Then, below it is a picture of the Ka’bah which covers an illustration of a newspaper with the lafaz Laa Haula wa Laa Quwwata Illa Billah with a sprinkling of money. All of them are arranged in a medium with a red background.

Mawardi said that the newspaper media with rows and columns of news represents the historical recording media. The symbol of the Kaaba on it is a marker that the Kaaba is one of the world’s history.

The sprinkling of money illustrates one of the conditions for performing the pilgrimage, which is financially capable. The red background in the media depicts the spirit and passion of Muslims in performing the pilgrimage.

Furthermore, the lafaz Laa haula Walaa Quwwata Illa Billaah symbolizes the power of Allah, the Most High, the Most Great. While the dominant lafaz Allah describes that knowledge and various wonders of the world are sourced from Allah.

Mawardi’s ability to write calligraphy is not easily obtained. He trained this ability since he was still studying at Madrasah Tsanawiyah and Madrasah Aliyah Darul Muta’alimin Islamic Boarding School, Aceh.

He regularly participates in various competitions and exhibitions. Among them, representing Aceh Singkil District at the MTQ at the Aceh Province level in East Aceh in the Contemporary category of Musabaqah Khattil Quran. Then, representing South Sorong Regency at the MTQ at the West Papua Province level in the same category.

In addition, he has also been trusted to represent UIN Jakarta students in the contemporary calligraphy category at the National Quranic Generation Festival at the State University of Malang.

Studying at the Comparative Schools of Islamic Jurisprudence department did not stop him from continuing his work in the field of contemporary calligraphy. He works hard and continues to motivate himself so that he can record even better achievements.

“As the message of Abuya Sheikh H. Bahauddin Tawar in his verse, “Don’t give up in the middle of the road even though it is full of obstacles. I hope that in the future I can develop more, be successful, and be more enthusiastic in producing various works of art,” he said. (usa/zm)

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