Potential students and those with financial constraints entitle to apply for a scholarship.

UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta provides scholarships granted every year. They are:

As for external scholarships, UIN collaborates with agencies, foundations, and corporate to provide the scholarships. Among them are:

  • Bidik Misi Scholarship
  • Ministry Of Religious Affairs,
  • Bank of Indonesia,
  • Supersemar scholarship,
  • Bimantara Scholarship,
  • Bazis Scholarship,
  • Dompet Dhuafa scholarship,
  • PT Gudang Garam,
  • JIMS
  • Orbit
  • Bina Amaliyah
  • ISE PT Bank
  • Mandiri Scholarship
  • etc.

Further inquiries about requirements and procedures can be asked to the Office of Student Affairs or Vice Dean of Student Affairs at each faculty.

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