PK Bureau UIN Jakarta Holds Workshop on Financial Governance

Jakarta, UIN News Online – In order to improve competence for all elements in the planning, finance and financial reporting units, Planning and Finance (PK) Bureau of UIN Jakarta held a three-day Workshop on Financial Governance, Wednesday-Friday, (03/15-17/2023) in Jakarta.

Head of Planning and Finance Bureau (Kabiro PK) UIN Jakarta Mohamad Ali Irfan conveyed three obstacles found by the PK Bureau in terms of financial governance.

“First, in terms of planning, there are differences in perceptions in preparing the Terms of Reference (KAK) and Fund Withdrawal Plans (RPD), where the KAK should be prepared according to the format determined by the Directorate General of Islamic Education,” he said.

In the financial sector, he continued, there was incomplete follow-up of verification results due to incomplete accountability documents, account usage errors, tax imposition errors, and so on. This, he emphasized, resulted in a longer disbursement time.

Finally, said Kabiro Ali, in the field of reporting, there was an error in determining the account during budget planning which resulted in an error in financial accountability.

“Therefore, based on the problems above, it is cosidered necessary to strengthen the capacity of all elements in order to have a common perception in increasing the output of planning, finance and financial reporting,” said Ali.

On the same occasion, Rector of UIN Jakarta Asep Saepudin Jahar said UIN Jakarta under his under his leadership for the next four years needs assistance in terms of effective and efficient financial management.

“The budget provided is a mandate that must be managed effectively and efficiently,” said Asep.

Asep also said that the core business of Higher Education is different from other institutions, so its implementation must be in accordance with the strategic plan.

“Planning must be in accordance with what is stated in the strategic plan with performance based, program based, not based on budget ceilings,” he said.

According to Asep, a budget that is managed on a ceiling basis will encounter difficulties in its realization because it can benefit some units but sacrifice other units.

In addition, said Chancellor Asep, apart from having to be effective and efficient, the management must also be prudent, simple, safe, and on target.

Also present in the event, Vice Rector for General Administration Imam Subchi, Vice Rector for Cooperation and Institutional Development Din Wahid, Head of General Administration and Personnel Bureau Juanda Naim and Head of Academic Administration, Student Affairs and Cooperation Bureau Priyono. (mf/usa)

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