PBSI FITK UIN Jakarta Holds Public Lecture on Cultural Education

FITK, UIN News  Online – The progress of civilization that developed in Indonesia is not without gaps. One of the pillars of civilization, namely culture, is experiencing serious problems. This is evidenced by the erosion of cultural values that have occurred recently. Various records of intolerance, bullying, and violence occurred and grew over the years along with the progress of civilization itself.

The latest data from the Internet Penetration Survey and Internet User Behavior in Indonesia released by the Association of Indonesian Internet Service Providers (APJII) noted that 49% of the 5,900 respondents using social media in Indonesia had experienced cyber bullying. In fact, the latest social media users in Indonesia are more dominated by young people.

This record shows that the developing culture experienced a very rapid decline. Values that are considered to be the noble heritage of civilization have reached their lowest point, eroded, is a fact that is hard to deny.

Responding to these problem, the Indonesian Language and Literature Education (PBSI) Study Program FITK UIN Jakarta in collaboration with Deputy for Coordination for Quality Improvement of Children, Women, and Youth at the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture (Kemenkopmk), Center for Islamic and State Studies/PSIK-Indonesia, and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), held a public lecture by inviting Chairman of the Center for Islamic and State Studies/PSIK-Indonesia Yudi Latif, titled “Pendidikan Berkebudayaan: Melawan Intoleransi, Perundungan, dan Kekerasan di Kalangan Muda” on Wednesday (09/21/2022) held at FITK theater room, campus I of UIN Jakarta.

Dean of FITK UIN Jakarta Sururin in her opening remarks said that this public lecture was considered very important for the community in general, and education actors in particular, especially Indonesian Language and Literature Education, Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training.

“Therefore, this event is expected to be able to create human qualities that uphold noble values,” she said.

Meanwhile, In his presentation, Yudi sparked the awareness of public lecture participants to be actively involved in improving education in Indonesia. According to Yudi, paying attention to education is as important as paying attention to the quality of humans in a civilization.

“Education is a never ending process, a social engineering to create civilized human being,” said Yudi.

Yudi Latif’s narrative about education as the main map in improving culture is not without reason.

“Indonesia has the potential to improve and build its civilization. Apart from benefiting from its very strategic geographical location, Indonesia also has enormous human capital, especially regarding the demographic bonus it currently bears.” he said.

He also wanted to emphasize that education is the only way to fix a civilization that is increasingly polarized and filled with intolerant negative narratives. For him, the relevant education needed at this time is cultural education.

“Cultural education has distinctive characteristics and is very relevant to the problems highlighted. Various problems such as hatred, exclusivity, intolerance, bullying, and even violence will be eroded by humans who have noble fundamental values, such as openness and compassion,” he emphasize.

This, he added, will be a trigger for interaction, eradication of prejudice, widening inclusiveness, and inculcating noble values in accordance with cultural ideals in building civilization as well as responding to the challenges.

Based on observation, the participants were very enthusiastic to follow the event. This is evidenced by the many questions that the participants asked to the resource person. (fitk/ts/st/usa)

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