MHK Study Program Organizes Technical Guidance on Study Accelaration

FSH, UIN News Online — To provide continuous support to students in successfully completing their Master’s theses, Family Law Master’s Program (MHK)of the Faculty of Sharia and Law (FSH) UIN Jakarta organized study accelaration technical guidance, Thursday (06/08/2023).

In her opening remarks, the Chair of the Family Law Master’s Program, Afidah Wahyuni, stated that the implementation of this Bimtek is aimed at assisting MHK students in accelerating the completion of their studies with a well-written thesis that meets the academic criteria. She expressed her hope that this Bimtek would help facilitate students in structuring their thesis writing according to academic guidelines and fulfilling the scientific criteria, making it worthy of being published as an article by the graduate authors of the S2 (master’s) program.

The trchnical guidance with the theme “Menulis Efektif: Strategi Berpikir dalam Penyusunan Tesis” featured Nahrowi, a lecturer from the MHK FSH UIN Jakarta, as the speaker, with Windy Triana, the Secretary of the MHK program as the moderator.

In his presentation, Nahrowi explained in detail how to formulate research problems, such as determining a theme that should have a broader scope than the topic, then the topic should have a broader scope than the title, and the title should have a broader scope than the topic. After determining the theme, it is important to examine whether the research is derived from verses and hadiths of the ahkam (doctrines), written legal norms, or societal realities. Nahrowi also shared points about the structure of writing and the flow of the thesis, including common notes from examiners that often arise during preliminary and open defense sessions. (fsh/lfm/usa)

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