Rectorate, UIN News Online – To foster public interest in reading, especially among children, the 023 Dandelion Community Service (KKN) participants in Purwabakti Village, District, Pamijahan, Bogor, formed a Reading Corner for children. This activity is a form of the participants’ attention to the lack of literacy culture among children.

This was stated by one of the KKN participants in Puwabakti Village, Siwa Fathma Jaelani, in a written statement submitted to UIN News Online on Wednesday (08/03/2022). Siwa said that the Reading Corner activity was initiated by the KKN participants started operating on Monday (08/01/2022).

Since the establishment, according to Siwa, it has attracted a lot of children’s interest in reading. They seemed enthusiastic by visiting the reading corner  which was established at the Jaziratul Ulumiyah Al-Quran Education Park (TPA).

Shiva also said that the habit of reading can be an asset for everyone in achieving educational success.

The Reading Corner Program initiated by KKN participants in Puwabakti Village contains books collected from donors. The books provided are generally in the form of story books and children’s textbooks.

“This reading corner aims to provide learning facilities for children in the form of various kinds of books that can be used to train their reading interest,” she said.

Diva Kamila, one of the KKN participants who accompanied the children, said she was happy with the Reading Corner activity.

“They (the children,-ed) are also invited to dare to explain the contents of the book,” said Diva. (ns/usa)

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