History of the Land Submitted to UIN Jakarta

A plot of land owned by West Java Provincial Government (Jabar) in Jalan Kertamukti Number 3 Kelurahan Cireudeu, East Ciputat District, South Tangerang, Banten, finally submitted officially to UIN Jakarta, Thursday (03/9/2018). The handover ceremony of 1.5 hectares of land was carried out in Pakuan City Building between the Governor of West Java Dr (HC) Ahmad Heryawan and the Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof. Dr. Dede Rosyada.

Also witnessed in the signing of the land grant is the Regional Secretary of West Java Provincial Government Dr Iwa Karniwa, Vice Rector for Cooperation Affairs Prof. Dr. Murodi, AUK Bureau Chief Dr Rudi Subiyantoro, Head of General Affairs Drs Encep Dimyati MA, and Head of Finance Dra Siti Sugiarti.

“This land grant is for the sake of education. We hope this land is useful for UIN Jakarta academic community as well as the young generation who studied there, especially students studying at FISIP UIN Jakarta, “said the governor who is familiarly called Kang Aher. (NEWS UIN Online, Thursday (03/08/2018).

Land owned Jabar on it now built the Faculty of Social and Political Science (FSIP) was formerly called Wisma Kertamukti. The building is exactly adjacent to the Psychology Faculty building in the north and the International Sport Club Indonesia (ISCI) sports center in the south. While behind the guesthouse (east) there is Lake Situ Gintung and the west is the highway (Jalan Kertamukti) which connects between Jalan Ir Juanda and Jalan Cireundeu Raya.

Since it was split into two provinces in 2000, Wisma Kertamukti land is one of the assets that is not submitted. The land asset is still owned by West Java although geographically it is located in the Banten Provincial Government.

According to Tarsim, officer of the house manager at that time, West Java Provincial Government is still responsible for the right management of land assets and buildings on it. That’s because the homestead has not been officially submitted from West Java Provincial Government to the Banten Provincial Government.

“However, I heard that the homestead will be handed over to UIN Jakarta,” said PNS Group II West Java provincial government is.

Tarsim is an employee who is daily assigned to manage the guesthouse, ranging from caring for buildings to cleaning the park. He is accompanied by another employee but is an honorary employee.

Tarsim tells, he started working in homestead since the West Java provincial government led by Aang Kunaefi Kartawiria in 1972. Until before the land was built FISIP building, already six Tarsim governors work at Wisma Kertamukti. “Among the six governors who once led West Java, only Aang Kunaefi, Yogie S Memet, and R Nuriana who often visit the homestead,” said the man from Kebumen, Central Java, it.

While still in the West Java Provincial Government, the homestead serves as a liaison office or representative office between the West Java provincial government and the central government. In fact, the homestead is also often used as transit of the governors and officials of West Java, both to simply rest and stay. However, since the province was broken down, the liaison office was then transferred to Jalan Pembangunan II, Central Jakarta.

Given that since Wisma Kertamukti no longer functioned by West Java provincial government, UIN Jakarta and plans to use the land to build a lecture building. Efforts and negotiations continue to be conducted by the leadership of UIN Jakarta to the Governor of West Java. As a result, West Java Provincial Government through Vice Governor of West Java Dede “Tiger” Yusuf signal that the land will be submitted to UIN Jakarta.

“Because for the sake of education, West Java Provincial Government will hand over the homestead to UIN Jakarta. But the mechanism after the DPRD Jabar knock hammer and submit it first to the Provincial Government of Banten, “said Dede during a visit to UIN Jakarta campus on October 9, 2008 ago.

In 2009, UIN Jakarta then established FISIP based on Rector Decision UIN Jakarta Number 162 Year 2009 and began to receive new students for 2009/2010 academic years. Because not yet have their own building, FISIP student lecture is held in the former building of Faculty of Psychology (now Library Research Station of Graduate School, Red) in campus 2. Soon, Rector of UIN Jakarta (that time) Prof. Dr. Komaruddin Hidayat then appoint Prof Dr Bachtiar Effendy, professor of Ushuluddin Faculty, as the first dean to lead FISIP. Besides Bakhtiar, Rector also appoint Dr. Hendro Prasetyo as vice dean of FISIP.

On November 20, 2009, UIN Jakarta and West Java Provincial Government conducted cooperation in the field of human resource development and territorial. Cooperation memorandum signed between Rector Prof. Dr. Komaruddin Hidayat and Governor Ahmad Heryawan in Gedung Sate, Bandung. One of the points of agreement is about the utilization of land owned by West Java Provincial Government (Wisma Kertamukti) for the construction of FISIP building. However, land use when it is done through Build Operate Transfer (BOT) mechanisms  for 30 years renewed every year. In 2011, UIN Jakarta then built the FISIP building on the land which started with the first stone laying. Then in 2013, the building was inaugurated by Minister of Religious Affairs Suryadharma Ali. However, since it was inaugurated until 2018, the land still belongs to Pemprov Jabar.Sinyal land will be fully handed over to UIN Jakarta, coming from Jabar Governor Ahmad Heryawan who served the second period of time. The signal was given when he delivered a lecture on the sidelines of the Leadership Meeting UIN Jakarta which was held in Bandung at the end of January 2018 ago. Kang Aher said that the land owned by West Java Provincial Government which is now built FISIP building will soon be handed over or granted because it has got approval from DPRD Jabar. (usa-rs)

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