FK UIN Jakarta to Open Specialized Study Programs

Serpong, UIN News Online — Faculty of Medicine (FK) UIN Jakarta is expanding its academic programs by opening specialized study programs in Obstetrics and Gynecology (Obsgyn) and Pulmonology. The establishment of these specialized programs is expected to strengthen FK UIN Jakarta’s contribution in addressing various public medical needs.

This was said by the Dean of FK UIN Jakarta, Ahmad Zaki in his presentation at the Rakerpim UIN Jakarta, Tuesday, (06/06/2023). According to Ahmad Zaki, FK UIN Jakartacurrently finalizing the preparations for the opening of two specialized study programs.

“Insha Allah, we have already taken steps towards the opening of the specialized program. In due time, it will become an independent specialized program,” he said.

According to Zaki, FK UIN Jakarta is actively pursuing various stages of opening the specialized study programs. This includes obtaining recommendations from the medical specialist boards, which serve as the primary focus of the offered specialized programs.

In addition to the recommendations from the medical specialist boards, the previous release from FK UIN Jakarta mentioned that the faculty has also submitted proposals for the program opening through the SIAGA DIKTI application. Furthermore, FK has conducted a visitation to RS Paru Gunawan Partowidigdo Cisarua Bogor, which serves as the main teaching hospital accredited by the Pulmonology Specialist Board

It is known that specialization in the field of Obsgyn focuses on expertise in women’s reproductive health for medical professionals. Meanwhile, specialization in the field of Pulmonology involves the study of medical practices in dealing with respiratory system disorders, such as bronchi, lungs, and alveoli.

in early May 2023, FK UIN Jakarta finalized cooperation agreements with no less than nine affiliated hospitals. Zaki mentioned that the focus of this collaboration is the commitment of support from the affiliated hospitals in accelerating the educational programs of FK UIN Jakarta.

The affiliated hospitals that have committed to supporting the collaboration include RSUP Fatmawati, RS Bhayangkara Tk I Radden Said Sukanto, RS Paru Dr. M. Goenawan Partowidigdo, and RS Jiwa Dr. Seoharto Heerdjan Jakarta.

Additionally, the collaboration also involves RS Jiwa dr. H. Mardjoeki Mahdi, RS Haji Jakarta, RS Ketergantungan Obat Jakarta, RSU Kota Tangerang Selatan, and RS dr. Sitanala Tangerang.

Dean Zaki expressed that the development of various academic programs at FK and strengthening collaborations with affiliated hospitals align with the request from the Indonesian Ministry of Health for FK UIN Jakarta to continue strengthening its contribution to public health,

“Especially after the Medicine Study Program achieved an “A” accreditation status,” said Zaki. (zm/usa)

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