Jakarta, UIN NEWS Online – The Ministry of Industry targets 18 pesantren (Islamic boarding school) to pilot the implementation of the Santripreneur Program in 2018. The goal is that the students can do the industrial process.

Quoted from Republika.co.id Tuesday (1/23/2018), lecturer of Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training (FITK) UIN Jakarta as well as Observer of Islamic Education Dr Jejen Musfah said MA, when the santri have no chance to continue their study to university, they can run their own business after learning entrepreneurship in pesantren.

Although they can go to college, they will no longer make civil servants the only promising job.

“Actually, education can be call a success if the output can create creations, or self-employment,” said Jejen to Republika, Monday (1/22/2018).

He also expected that many entrepreneurs are born from the santris. Now has started many pesantren who equip their santris with entrepreneur spirit.

The santri not only learn and study the religious sciences. They also cultivate catfish and gardening, such as caring for durian and rambutan trees.

According to him, if many santri who become entrepreneurs, would reduce the number of educated unemployed. Because, although the industry is small, will still absorb labor. Then, it will improve the economy. At least it can improve the economy of the family, village or sub-district.

“And the most important is the industry or economy that is based on Islamic values, so it is not a monopoly,” he said.

Jejen said, hopefully with the birth of entrepreneurs from among santri can give birth to entrepreneurs who use the principles of Islam.

Simply to be an entrepreneur who does not reduce the scales, it means to be an entrepreneur not doing things that are against Islamic values. Of course, this will have a good impact. (usa-rs)

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