Senayan, UIN NEWS Online– Thousands of students SMA/SMK/MA of various Jabodetabek area crowded stand in Exhibition UIN Jakarta Education and Training (Education and Training Expo) 25th held at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Senayan, South Jakarta, on Wednesday -Sabtu (27-30 / 01). In addition to distance, offer study programs which integrate Islamic and scientific aspects of the reason for prospective students interested in applying to UIN Jakarta.

In observations NEWS UIN, on the opening day, Wednesday (27/1), for example, hundreds or even thousands of students enthusiastically gather at stands at UIN Jakarta. They look curious to get information about the schedule of new student enrollment, many of them were asking for information about the courses, tuition and scholarships, and campus locations.

Evi Nurkristanti, students of SMAN 101, Joglo, West Jakarta, said he was interested in UIN Jakarta because it is the only Islamic State University in Jakarta. “I previously knew about UIN Jakarta from my friends. However, only now I can consult directly and inquire about the lecture system in UIN Jakarta,” he said.

Evi admitted his planning to enter UIN Jakarta after graduating from school. Moreover, the distance of UIN Jakarta is not too far from where he lives now. “I’m interested in choosing the Medical Education Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences,” he added.

Other students, Andita Mutia, from MAN 3 Jakarta, also had the same intention. He wants to enter at UIN Jakarta after leaving school. Student Programs IPA choose UIN Jakarta being attracted to religious education and together they are under the Ministry of Religious Affairs. “I want to be a teacher of Islam,” he said innocently.

Separately, Head of the Sub Division of Publications and Documentations, Feni Arfiani MH said, UIN Jakarta became one of the 125 university exhibitors. In the exhibition, given thorough information about UIN Jakarta, especially the new student registration system, the system of lectures, faculty offered, facilities owned by UIN Jakarta and prospects after graduating in UIN Jakarta.

Given this educational exhibition, is expected to provide information about higher education to students who will continue their education. Because, information about university students are not all known. The phrase is similar to what is said to be one of the visitors of the exhibition.

“Not only the sale, we also provide guidance on how to enroll a student of UIN Jakarta, as well as supporting facilities of learning in UIN Jakarta,” he said one of the staff Publication and Documentation Eva UIN Jakarta Nauli Aprilia SmHk.

For information, the acceptance of new students 2016/2017 academic UIN Jakarta opened through five lanes, both lanes achievements and a written test. These five lines is the search of Academic Achievement (PPA) College of Islamic Religious Affairs (PTKIN) National, National Examination Write PTKIN, PPA National Selection of State Universities (SNMPTN), Exam Write SNMPTN, and the Independent Examination. (ns/lrf/is)

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