Syahida Inn, UIN NEWS Online— Dharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP) UIN Jakarta organize several competitions. The competitions were held in commemoration of Kartini Day. The event that carries the theme of Making Creative and Healthy Women, is at Syahida Inn Hall, Friday (28/4).

The competitions in order to commemorate the Kartini day, are, gymnastics contest, creating DW Mart logo competition, and Nusantara cooking contest. It is all done for women in UIN Jakarta in particular and Indonesia in general to be more creative in increasing their potential.

Kartini does have a big influence on Indonesian women; no wonder if every April 21, the women commemorate the day kartini, one of them is DWP UIN Jakarta.

That was conveyed by President of DWP UIN Jakarta Dr Andriyani Dede Rosyada MAg, to UIN NEWS Online after giving out gifts as token of appreciation for all the winners of the competition.

She also added, “As the theme of this even said, to make a creative and healthy women, women can’t be restricted, every woman has to dig their potential and growing their creativity, not only relying to their husband. Every woman has the right to develop and grow,” said Andriyani.

In this opportunity, Rector of UIN Jakarta also attended the event to give his remark and officiated the event. On his remarks, rector hopes that women of UIN Jakarta in particular, are able to develop themselves through their own creativity. Of course, still according to the rector, by not neglecting their responsibility as a woman.

“Something small can be a big thing, for example, cassavas can be processed into something expensive, can make a cake, and so forth, depending on how we pack it,” said the rector.

He added that not only creative, but single woman must be healthy, both physically and spiritually. In order to inspire other women, in accordance with the ideals of Kartini.

“Showing a good attitude towards the husband, showing off good example, because a good country that depends on women, women should be creative and able to manage themselves and take care of the husband and produce a superior generation,” said Dede ending his remarks. (usa)

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