Rectorate, UIN News Online – The head of Canadian Centre for Deen Studies (CCDS) Dr Hamid Slimi which become one of UIN Jakarta Visiting Professor Program participants said that there are three excellences that make UIN Jakarta be in a better position than other institutions, particularly in the field of Islamic Education.

This was disclosed by Slimi in a proposal addressed to the Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof Dr Dede Rosyada regarding the development plan for UIN Jakarta Islamic Studies Study Program at the institution that he led in Canada.

In his proposal, Slimi explained that the three excellences of UIN Jakarta are: UIN Jakarta is a large and well-established university in Indonesia, and it offered a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in Islamic disciplines.

Second, UIN Jakarta has adopted the free and open thought methodology to disseminate the knowledge and perform the flexible academic research. It is eligible to become an example for the balance between modernity and the authenticity.

And the last, being the largest Muslim country in the world with a good reputation for tolerance and moderation, Indonesia is in a much better position than other countries to lead the Muslim world, particularly in the field of Islamic education.

The Muslim world can take many lessons from Indonesia regarding the synergy between religion, culture, and modernity to overcome all forms of extremism and fanaticism. UIN Jakarta is the embodiment of the synergy that can be replicated in other parts of the world.

Then, he also explains that the institution that he manages is the first religious institution to be established in Canada to meet the needs of North American Muslims. This institution educates and trains its graduates to become Imams, teachers, and workers of Islamic services as well as a center to educate the public about Islam and the Muslim world.

In the secular western country such as Canada, the government did not interfere in the affairs of religious institutions and educational centers. These institutions are given full rights by the government regarding the education management.

 At the end of the proposal, Slimi proposed his institution to be affiliated with UIN Jakarta, so that students there will have the opportunity to receive some accreditation for their Islamic education. He continued, this would allow those who want to continue studying in the UIN Jakarta or would like to attend some activities in UIN Jakarta without any trouble and to promote the UIN Jakarta on an international level.

Additionally, civitas academica of CCDS and UIN Jakarta can have the opportunity to teach or supervise dissertations and research, both in Indonesia and in Canada. To accomplish these tasks, CCDs’s online facility can be used for the learning process. (ika p/umar)

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