Rectorate,UIN News Online – Dozens of academicians in UIN Jakarta are ready to participate in the 19th Annual International on Islamic Studies (AICIS),  Tuesday-Friday (October 1-4, 2019) in Jakarta. They will present their research results in different panels according to the scientific and panel groups.

On the selected panel, it consists of Kamarusdiana, Muhammad Zuhdi, Didin Syafruddin, Nuryani, and Fidrayani. They are divided into groups according to the theme of each panel. For example, Kamarusdiana, he will participate in the topic of The Role of Social Media in Building Hybrid Culture based on Islam and Indonesia Culture.

Moreover, Zuhdi and Didin will participate in the topic of Confronting the Challenges of Extremism in Religious Education panel in the Era of Social Media and Democratization: Case Studies from Southeast Asia. While Nuryani and Fidrayani will participate in the topic of Youth and Distribution of Islamic Values through Social Media.

In the open panel group, several UIN Jakarta academics were also selected. Among them, Zulfa, Khasanah, Setiowati who participated in the panel group titled Islam, Digital Technology and Health Science; Sururin, Mutiara Citra, and Mahmuda for the panel group titled Inclusivity, Tolerance and Digital Literacy. Furthermore, Abdurrahman Hakim and Nurul Adhha will be participating in the discussion group The Trend of Moslem Fashion and Female Life Style.

Kusmana also gained the trust to become the panel chairman for an open panel discussion titled New Faces of the Qur’an and Hadith in the Digital Age. Dadi Darmadi also chosen to to lead the panel in the open panel titled Hijrah (Visual), Piety and Society.

Some participants from UIN Jakarta also passed the selection on the extended panel. Among them are Makyun Subuki and Novi Diah Haryanti for discussion groups on Islamic Identity in Contemporary Indonesian Popular Film and Music and Dewi Aprilia Ningrum on Multiculturalism and Pluralism in the Millennial Age.

Rifa Tsamrotus Saadah and Endi Aulia Garadian on Charity Between Humanity and Ideology, and  Finally, Ade Sofyan Mulazid as chair of the discussion on The Emerging Trends in Halal Industry and Islamic Economy: Tourism, Estate, and Financial Management.

For Information, This year, AICIS took the theme of Digital Islam, Education and Youth: Changing Landscape of Indonesian Islam. Several world academics were also scheduled to attend such as Peter Mandeville, Professor in Politics and Government at Goerge Mason University as well as Senior Advisor in the United States Office of Religion and Global Affairs. (usa/zm)

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