PPB Building, UIN NEWS Online– 21 students from various national universities enthusiastically training in the English Language Development Centre (PPB) UIN Jakarta. The training aims to improve English language skills was held thanks to the cooperation PPB UIN Jakarta Education Fund Management Institution (LPDP) Ministry of Finance. The training activities lasted from December 2015 until the end of February 2016.

“The participants are school applicants who pass the selection and come from various educational institutions in a number of areas such as Aceh, Bengkulu, East Java, Central Java, Yogyakarta, Lombok, and Papua,” said the Head of PPB UIN Jakarta Siti Nurul Azkiyah Ph.D.

Besides the English as academic writing, academic speaking and study skills, participants receive materials Cross Cultural Understanding in order to provide an understanding of the culture of the destinational countries of study. Some experts and experienced lecturers in the English speaking countries appointed as an instructor directly as Dr Atiq Susilo, Atik Yuliyani, MA TESOL, Siti Nurul Azkiyah, Ph.D, Yenny Rahmawati, M.Ed, Tati Wardi, Ph.D., Muhammad Zuhdi P.hD and soeparto, Ph.D.

For information, English language training is the first time the realization of UIN Jakarta cooperation with the Ministry of Finance LPDP. Through this partnership, PPB UIN Jakarta is considered as one language coaching centers scholarship recipients studying abroad. The signing of the cooperation itself will be held on 30 November 2016 and the Head of PPB Dr Siti Nurul Azkiyah Ph.D and representatives LPDP M. Setiawan S Dj,

Related to this belief, Nurul said the training is a challenge for PPB UIN Jakarta proved its capacity as a language training institute. Because not every Indonesian Language University institute believed LPDP held debriefing languages.

“It’s a challenge to prove that, in partnership and cooperation with UIN Jakarta is the right choice in the effort to improve the English language skills of the participants who will be proceedings in studies abroad,” said Nurul.

Among the trainees Andri Saputra from IAIN Bengkulu and Devi Triasari UNS Surakarta admitted March 11, that they are grateful to participate in this training, and hopes to continue to develop proficiency in a foreign language. Not to forget, both also gave gratitude to PPB UIN Jakarta-LPDB as the executor of this activity.

“Initially we underestimate the UIN Jakarta, for the first time appointed a partner LPDP, let alone imagine definitely expensive cost of living in Jakarta, but it proved beyond a doubt, we are very pleased and excited to be undergoing training at UIN Jakarta. Facilities, teaching staff, training methods turned out to be nice and living expenses reasonably priced as well,” he said. (saa/lrf/is)

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