Main Auditorium, UIN NEWS Online – Student Executive Council (DEMA) UIN Jakarta hosts the National Silaturahim (Silatnas) 2017. The event, which was attended by representatives from the Student Executive Board (BEM) of Islamic Religious College (PTKIN) raised the theme The Role of Islamic Students in Looking at Globalization and National Security.

This grand annual event was officially opened by South Tangerang Deputy Mayor Drs H Benyamin Davnie, and witnessed by the Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof Dr Dede Rosyada MA, Social and Political Expert Staff Polri Inspector General Pol. Dr. H. Ike Edwin SH MH MM on Tuesday (02/05), at Auditorium Harun Nasution UIN Jakarta.

In addition there were also,  accompanying the rector, Vice Rectors, Bureau Chiefs, BEM representatives of PTKIN throughout Indonesia, and all DEMA officials, UIN Jakarta students as well as invited guests.

In his speech, the Rector appreciated the activities. He hopes that with this silaturrahim, it will turn out to yield bright ideas about scholarship, and the right way how students should address globalization and pluralism in order to create security and peace in this nation.

“The theme is very good. Hopefully it will turn out to be innovative ideas which are equally good for the sake of religion, nationality, and nation, “said the rector.

He added that UIN Jakarta as an educational institution always appreciates pluralism, upholds tolerance and harmony. Furthermore, UIN Jakarta is able to accommodate the difference, it is proved by the reason that many students studying at this place are not Muslim.

In the same place, Deputy Mayor of South Tangerang Drs H Benyamin Davnie represented Tangerang Selatan Mayor Hj Airin Rachmi Diany MH, on the same occasion, expressed his appreciation with the event. Bang Ben (Benyamin Davnie nick name) said that currently this nation is in need of young people who have a strong moral and character.

“When the young generation of this country has a strong moral and character, they will be able to survive to every test and challenge that arises,” said Benjamin.

Still according to him, in order to build this younger generation he was mentioned, there were some things that must do all together by all parties. Among them, awaken the confidence of the youth, revive their knowledge, and optimize and explore their potential.

“In this case, we, from South Tangerang government continue to realize the breakthrough as mentioned, with some supportive programs. For that reason, we also do guidance, mentoring, and evaluation of the program, “said Bang Ben.

In line with the two discussions of previous speakers, Ike Edwin represented National Police Chief Drs M. Tito Karnavian MA PhD, he said that he was very proud to students who have high creativity. He also hopes that students always have law-abiding attitude, Agent of Change, become a generation of learners, and continue to learn to develop the potential to reach the future and face challenges.

“We as a nation that has wealth in many ways, ethnic, cultural and religious, has tremendous potential. The potential is not only become our pride, but also the possibility to become a conflict, “said Ike.

Therefore, Ike added, students as the next generation must able be equipped themselves with extensive knowledge and with such knowledge, it will create a tolerant and wise attitude in addressing any differences exist.

As additional information, the event was followed at least by 150 participants, and was officially opened by a gong beating by the Deputy Mayor of South Tangerang. (usa-im)

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