Brebes, UIN News Online – In order to realize one of DEMA’s work programs, Student Executive Council (DEMA) of the Faculty of Da’wah and Communication Science (FIDK) UIN Jakarta will social service activities on Februari 1-15, 2019 at Capar Village, Brebes regency, Central Java.

One of the organizers, Farid, told NEWS UIN Online that this activity aims to awaken the spirit of Three Pillars of Higher Education (Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi).

“By raising the theme on Asa dan Karsa untuk Bangsa, this event is expected to arouse the spirit of Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi, one of them is by holding social activities. Additionally, this is the realization of the DEMA work program,” said Farid.

According to Farid, these activities will be filled with various things, ranging from teaching activities, donations, drainage normalization, river functions normalization, and many other positive activities.

“Hopefully this activity will benefit the community,” he added.

For information, this activity will be attended by at least 20 students, which are divided into several teams in accordance with their respective fields. (usa)

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