Rectorate, UIN News Online – Student Executive Council (DEMA) of FEB UIN Jakarta in collaboration with Paytren, Bank Indonesia (BI), and South Tangerang communications and informatics regional office will organize Studium Generale on Financial Technology (FinTech) at FEB theater room, campus I of UIN Jakarta on Wednesday, (03/21/2018).

The event which is one of the annual routine work program of DEMA FEB UIN Jakarta will bring the theme on “Perkembangan FinTech dan Peranannya dalam Mendorong Inklusi Keuangan Di Indonesia”,  will discuss the role and progress of FinTech in order to promote financial or monetary inclusion in Indonesia.

For this year, this event will present three speakers; they are Hari Prabowo (Director of Paytren), Onny Wijanarko (BI payment system policy department head), and Drs H Ismunandar MM (Head of South Tangerang communications and informatics regional office). The Studium Generale activity is supported by all related institutions participating in this event.

For information, this event will be moderated by Dewi Ghitsatul Hisan, and attended by all UIN Jakarta academic community. Online registration is available through or 087875538579 (Litta Ratna Kencana). (usa)

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