FDI, UIN News Online – Department of Social Affairs, Student Council (DEMA) FDI conducted Social Activity Activities themed “Sharing Knowledge, Embracing Togetherness, For the sake of the realization of Islamic Generation.”

The event was held at Sufaini Rafa Foundation, Ciputat, South Tangerang. The hope is certainly to add the social skills of students with the surrounding community and familiarize themselves to contribute in the success of educational equity to the less fortunate children.

In the agenda of the event on the first day, DEMA FDI held a short-term pesantren and discussed the theme of fasting in detail with simple language to the children, and continued with question session that can arouse the spirit of foundation children to learn thinking and ask. And the second day, followed by holding some contests that coloring contest, memorize short letters and prayer, followed by playing together, do sholawat and distribution of prizes before breaking the fast together.

Enthusiasm clearly illustrated on the faces of children with the arrival of all the organizing committee from DEMA FDI to learn together, sing, and follow the race. “The children are happy that I am happy with your participation, thank you,” said Ibu Yumni, Head of Sufaini Rafa Foundation.

Among those who participated in the event were: We are Muhtaromah (jury of coloring competition), Anis (judge of short letter recitation), Ali (Adzan contest judge), Umi and Faris (as observerof event and documentation), and Imron Hamdani ( Chairman of DEMA FDI), Izzah, Dewi, Illa and Sufaini Rafa Foundation advisers.

Overview of DEMA FDI is an on-campus organization that plays an active role in the scope of faculty to add insight and accommodate the development of students both academic and non-academic. While the Department of Social Affairs at DEMA FDI has an additional role to develop the social life and awareness of students to serve the community either on or off campus.

Hopefully the next years DEMA FDI can be more work to serve the society. (usa-rs)

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