FAH, UIN News Online – Writing it can be done anytime and anywhere. On the gojek, on the train, on the mountain. Those narrow times sometimes bring fresh ideas and push productivity to a stage that will surprised us.

The following quotes are the spirit of a JS Khairen, a guest speaker at the Talk Show event held by Student Executive Board (DEMA) Faculty of Adab and Humanities (FAH) UIN Jakarta on Monday (13/11) at Prof Abdul Ghani Theater 5th floor of FAH building, Campus III of UIN Jakarta. The event that carries the theme Tentang Rindu dan Perdamaian, was attended by all civitas academica of FAH UIN Jakarta.

On the occasion, Khairen shared his experience as a writer. According to him the first time to note is to write anything that comes to mind. Do not think too long, because it hampers the creativity.

According to Khairen, he has a creative way in marketing his writings. For example, by posting images with beautiful quotes taken from his novel works, one of them is Ninevelove. “By doing this, many people become interested to buy and read the Ninevelove,” he said.

For Khairen, writing is an impulse. The economist can write because he is anxious to see the welfare situation of the people. The legal expert writes because he is anxious to see injustice. Teacher writes because she is anxious to see the gap. So, writing can be a fruit of anxiety that contains honesty.

“Then write something that you would even be thrilled to read it,” he said.

For your information, JS Khairen is a phenomenal young writer with his novels entitled Ninevelove, Rinduku Sederas Hujan Sore itu, dan author 30 Paspor di kelas sang professor. (usa)

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