Bogor, UIN News Online – DEMA FAH UIN Jakarta holds Community Service on Fridays – Sunday (November 9-11th/2018) at Sukahati Village and Cikoneng Village, Bogor Regency.

This event was followed and organized by new students of the Faculty of Adab and Humanities (FAH). Many students were enthusiastic about joining the community service program, because it was held for three days and took place in a quite remote village. Muhammad Munzir Ali Rafi as the security coordinator said that from all parts surveyed by the village it safe to say that it’s the right place, because previously this village was used as a place for UIN Jakarta Madani Comunity Service (KKN Madani).

Many activities were held during the community service, ranging from sports with the community, teaching at the school and the Al-Qur’an Education Park (TPA), contributing to the poor and others. The highlight of the event was that during the second night, all students and also the community all come together to watch the performances from both representatives of students and the community, then closed with a dinner.

“The program is really cool,  but it might be difficult because I’m a guy and don’t really understand problems of shopping, cooking and also the budget list. But this is some kind of challenge for me,” said Muhammad Fahmi as the speaker.

Meanwhile,  another participant Munzir said that  He also said that this event  this event according to the plan without any obstacles and could exceed the his expectations.

“Well my impression of this event is that what we share with the community is a very special thing, because in my opinion, with the presence of social services, we shares the same feeling with the community; both difficult and happy,” Said Munzir. (usa)

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