FU, UIN News Online – The Student Executive Board (DEMA F) of the Faculty of Ushuluddin held a Seminar and Dissemination Against Radicalism. This event was held to provide students with an understanding so as not to be influenced by radical understandings that would undermine the sovereignty of the nation.

The event was attended by Brigadier General of Police (Ret.) Dr. Parasian Simanungkali, SH, MH. As the Keynote speaker at this event, in his presentation he explained the dangers of radicalism in Indonesia, because Indonesia is a very sovereign country based on the Pancasila, besides that he also said that Indonesia has two phases, namely the war phase during the colonial era and the phase non-war is the period that we now face, so what we have to respond to in the current phase is to improve learning achievement and understand well the importance of maintaining the resilience of the Republic of Indonesia, so as not to deviate from a variety of wrong understandings.

The next event is the presentation moderated by M Hidayatullah, Lc. S. Ag which started by conveying the prologue “Indonesia is a rich country and consists of 1580 islands in it totaling 260 million people in Indonesia, with that students must be aware and rise to maintain the resilience of the Republic of Indonesia” he said, after that continued on the first speaker M Raihan, he is a former ISIS activist or was once incorporated in the ISIS Organ, in his presentation Raihan told more of his experiences when he first entered ISIS and the reason why joining the ISIS organ was more focused on three aspects namely lack of Religion Understanding, lack of Economic Factors, and factors association or environment, those things that cause it to join in the ISIS organization.

The seminar went with participants enthusiasm, next speaker was Dr. Arrazy Hasyim., MA who is a lecturer in the faculties of Ushuluddin and Darus-Sunnah, in his presentation he explained much of the developing understanding of ISIS and other understandings, he also said that at the time friends had used the term government that is now run in Indonesia, like democracy , will, kingdom, war, and diplomacy, it is very wrong to think of Indonesia as an infidel country, because in fact Indonesia has a lot of government systems that were carried out in the era of friends, besides that he also stressed that the highest level of radicalism is when it has reached I’tiqadi after the words, deeds and he’ iqqad that Islam is the most righteous so that it performs a frontal action when looking at what is in line with Islam, then it comes to radical actions that harm many people. (usa)

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