competeFITK Lobby, UIN News Online – The candidates for the Head and Deputy Head of FITK Executive Board of Student (DEMA) are started to compete in the 2016 election campaign in the lobby of FITK, Monday, (12/19). They compete to win the election that is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, December 21th, 2016.

In this election, the leadership of DEMA FITK position is contested by two pairs of candidates. Adi Raharjo – Suta Wijaya and M Fadyan Fidiavif—Faridatun Nuha.

The first pair of the candidate, Adi Raharjo and Suta Wijaya offers a vision of “To Realize the FITK students who Creative, Innovative and has a high science capacity to challenge EAC in the educational world and wrapped by Islamic Values.”

They offer this vision in some program activities that focus on Islamic values, self-development and education. In the Islamic program, the pair will unearth the celebration of Islam and ayo berqurban (Let’s Qurban) movement.

In the field of self-development, the couple is ready to hold a public speaking and let’s speak communities (focusing on the English language).

 “As for the education, we will organize the village teaching activities,” said Adi in his oration.

As for M Fadyan Fidiavif—Faridatun Nuha, they offer a vision of “To strengthen the diversity with the harmony of kinship for FITK that is more sufistic, actual and with integrity.”

They offer this vision in some activities such as to strengthen the religiosity, humanity, and loyalty of the FITK students, to cultivate the active discussion, to realize the more critical, aspirational and solutive FITK students, and to improve the soft skill of FITK student according to their talents and interests. (ika p/umar)

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