FITK Theater, UIN News Online – Dean of the Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teachers Training Prof Dr Ahmad Thib Raya appointed 4 New Master Program Department Heads in FITK theater. Present in the inauguration, bureau chief of Public Administration and Civil Service (BAUK) Dr. H. Rudi Subiyantoro, M.Pd.

The newly appointed master program department heads are Dr Fahriany as the English Education Master Program department head, Dr Mubib Abdul Wahab as the Arabic Education Master Program department head, Drs Sapiuddin MAg as Islamic Religion Education Master Program Department Head and Dr Jejen Musfah as Islamic Management Education Master Program department head.

Ahmad Thib Raya in his remarks stated that the newly appointed department heads is expected to perform their duty and responsibilities well and bring the FITK Master Program into more professional direction, that is because the increasing of public interest to pursue their education into the higher level (S2).

“Increasing public interest is in line with the increasing needs of teachers as well as professionals in the educational fields,” said Ahmad.

In addition to opening the master program in four study programs, said Ahmad, FITK is now also being planned to open master programs to other courses. Even in the future, FTIK also intends to to open the doctoral program based on the existed master programs.

“Insya Allah, it can be realized very soon in order to develop the superior and competitive human resources in the field of education,” he added. (usa)

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