FSL Meeting Room, UIN NEWS Online – Faculty of Sharia and Lawreceived guest the delegation of Afghanistan Tuesday, 26 April 2016. On the agenda of legal study reinforcement. The visit, led by the Ambassador of Afghanistan Amanullah Salieem in order to strengthen the study of law.

Sharia and Law Faculty Dean Dr. Asep Saepudin Jahar, MA, welcomed the arrival of the convoy, from here we can share about the academic activities in FSL UIN Jakarta and in Afghanistan, said Asep.

The four Colleges in cooperation with LESPA (Legal Education Support Program Afghanistan) namely, Kabul University, Balkh University, Kandahar University, and Nangarhar University aims to participate in the strengthening of legal study in Indonesia.

Saleem Amanullah as the Ambassador of Afghanistan and head of the group were very proud to be able to share related to the strengthening of legal study.

They express many thanks for receptionand sharing about legal study in UIN Jakarta, especially in the Faculty of Sharia and Law. (IH)

Translated by: Rany Setyasari

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