Diorama, UIN News Online – Darul Ma’wa Vocational School made a Visit to UIN Jakarta. The group of 50 people was received directly by Sub-division Head of Publication and Documentation Samsudin SKom in the Diorama room on Thursday (27/09/2018). The group consisted of 43 students, a companion of six people and the Principal of the Darul Ma’wa Vocational School Dedi Setiadi.

In the his remarks, Dedi said, the purposeof the visit to the UIN Jakarta campus was in the context of friendship as well as to introduce the students about the colleges and the paths that could be taken to apply, as well as provide experience about the environment outside the school.

“Besides to friendship, we want students to get a lot of information about universities, especially UIN Jakarta. Moreover, we also want to know information about the enrollment and lecture system at UIN Jakarta,” he said.

Still according to Dedi, this is their first visit to UIN Jakarta campus. Therefore, he hopes that the visit will  start a good relationship between the two institutions.

“We are very grateful to the UIN Jakarta for accepting our visit. Hopefully, this visit will benefit us and we can re-visit this campus,” he said.

Meanwhile, Samsudin in his speech appreciated and expressed his gratitude for the visit. He emphasized that visiting UIN Jakarta in order to know and absorb reliable information is the right decision. Because, so far many people still do not know about UIN Jakarta more closely.

In the same place, in charge of presenting material Eva Nauli Aprilla in her presentation said, that to be accepted as a student of UIN Jakarta, prospective students are selected first through several entrance examination, including SNMPTN, SBMPTN, SPAN PTKIN, UM PTKIN, and Independent Exams. All of these pathways are open to all high school / vocational school / MA / pesantren graduates, both state and private.

From the observation of UIN Online NEWS, it was seen that the participants consisting of students and the teacher council were very enthusiastic in listening to the presentation delivered by the staff. This is evident from the large number of students who ask questions related to the enrollment and scholarship opportunities at UIN Jakarta. (usa-rs)

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