Diorama Room, UIN News Online – Center for the Study of Religion and Culture (CSRC), in collaboration with the Qori and Qori’ah Association (HIQMA) UIN Jakarta holds seminar on Monday (09/23/2019), at the Diorama room, Harun Nasution Auditorium, campus I of UIN Jakarta.

By raising the theme on “Infiltrasi Radikalisme di Kalangan Mahasiswa dan Strategi Pencegahannya,” this event present sAzyumardi Azra (Professor of UIN Jakarta), Irfan Abubakar (Former Director of CSRC), Ade Armando (UI), and Hamli (BNPT RI) as speakers.

Also present in the event, Rector of UIN Jakarta Amany Lubis, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Masri Mansoer and Director of CSRC Idris Hemay.

Rector in her speech said that there are at least three important points that need to be applied by educational institutions to realize religious moderation. According to Rector, religious moderation has an important role to prevent radical understanding.

“Practicing Islamic teachings properly, correctly and thoroughly (kaffah), maintaining tolerance and good social relations between people (ta’awun, tasamuh), and promoting justice (al ‘adalah) in determining policies and problem solving,” said Rector.

Meanwhile, Azyumardi Azra in his presentation said that public university students (PTU) were more vulnerable to the recruitment of radical groups when compared to students of Islamic religious colleges (PTKI).

“That is due to the perspective of PTU students, especially in the fields of exact sciences and technology, which tend to be in black and white. While PTKI students always get a diverse perspective of Islam and tend to be open,” said Azra.

Azra also added that there are several ways to prevent radical understanding in the educational environment, including redesigning the curriculum, prioritizing the Pancasila, civic, and religious courses, and revitalizing student organizations. (usa/lrf)

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