CSRC Building, UIN NEWS Online– Center for the Study of Religion and Culture (CSRC) UIN Jakarta for a second time held a national seminar with the theme Strengthening Character Education through Religious Education and Religious in the perspective of Minister of Education and Culture Regulation no. 23 year 2017. This event was held on Wednesday-Thursday (26-27 / 07), located at Hotel Grantage BSD City Serpong.

Director of CSRC UIN Jakarta, Irfan Abubakar MA in his office said to UIN NEWS Online that the seminar was held by the presence of the Minister of Education and Culture Regulation No. 23/2012 about school day on June 12, 2017 which has leaded controversy and polemic in the midst of society.

“Therefore, it becomes significant for the holding of dialogue forums between various parties in order to clarify the concept, ideas, paradigms, and practice of strengthening character education especially through religious education and religious through the regulation number 23 of 2017, “said Irfan.

According to Irfan, it is important to find common perception and paces on the plan on strengthening character education especially in the two government agencies environment namely Ministry of Education and Culture and Ministry of Religious Affairs that directly related to the program.

“This activity is expected to provide benefits for the creation of educational policies which is giving emphasize on the strengthening values and character of the students, so as to grow them into a more responsible future human leader,” he hoped.

The seminar was attended by the Head of Center for Research and Development of Ministry of Religious Affairs, Prof. Dr. Amsal Bahtiar MA, presented a number of competent resource persons in education such as Hamid Muhammad MSc PhD (Director General of Dikdasmen Kemendikbud), Ir Hendarman PhD (Head of Research and Policy Center of Kemendikbud), Dr. Tjipto Sumadi (Former Head of the Center for Curriculum and Book of Kemendikbud) and other competent resource persons.

The warmly event followed by at least 75 participants from various quarters. Such as related ministry institutions, educational institutions, and religious organizations, scholars, educational practitioners, researchers and community leaders which from them, they were expected to be a medium of socialization of the importance of strengthening character education for children, especially related to the presence of Permendikbud No. 23 of 2017. (usa-im)

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