Main Auditorium, UIN NEWS Online – Corruptors use every single means to fool law enforcement. From time to time, the “white-collar” criminals were increasingly using “sophisticated” means and modes.

This was conveyed by Former Chairman of KPK, Abraham Samad as a speaker in the book review Metamorphosis Sandi Komunikasi Korupsi, at the Auditorium Harun Nasution UIN Jakarta, Wednesday (11/1).
The book, which mostly uncovered corruption communication codes in dozens of cases which had been conducted by corruptors 2011-2015 KPK period, was written by alumni of UIN Jakarta, Faculty of Da’wah and Communication (FIDK) in 2010.

Abraham added, as an extraordinary crime, the actors were mostly intelligent people. The means and modes used were refined and sophisticated in order to fool law enforcement.

According to him, it indicated the existence of metamorphosis. In fact, it evolved.  He added.

“If the codes metamorphosed, then corruption act were also undergoes the same. In my opinion, corruption is more than metamorphosed, it evolving. It used to be done in a simple way and mode, but now, the changes are very sophisticated. In the next it refined and refined. It will be much more modern so as not to be traced by law enforcement, “said the founder of Anti Corruption Committee (ACC) Makassar.

He emphasized that the actors were mostly politicians including the members of DPR and DPRD, businessmen, law enforcers, governors, regents, mayors, heads of state institutions, and ministers.

Furthermore, he added, the use of corruption communication codes had been recorded and included in the book showed that the actors of corruption were trying not to get caught by law enforcers, end up as a defendant in court and ends as a convicted person.

Regarding the book, he has a certain view that the book written by Sabir Laluhu, the Journalist was very useful for all people. It included law enforcement against the corruption. It can even be used as a reference for judges who handle corruption cases using special codes.

“If they are increasingly sophisticated, there will be many other diffrent codes in the future. So, it is a must that investigator and prosecutor be upgraded, related to science of communication. So law enforcement officers must improve their knowledge. We Because in the future passwords will be used in more advanced ways and tools, “said Abraham.

UIN NEWS Online monitored the event which was attended by at least 500 participants consisting of UIN Jakarta academicians and invited guests’.(usa-im)

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