The Faculty of Ushuluddin UIN Jakarta

The Faculty of Ushuluddin UIN Jakarta

Diorama Room, UIN News Online – Comparative Religion study program of the Faculty of Ushuluddin, reflecting the efforts of UIN Jakarta to spread the tolerance and plural openness of Islam. In addition to presenting the religious study from the academic perspective, the presence of this study program has also become the motor of respect and tolerance for religious plurality.

It was said by the Rector of UIN Jakarta, Prof Dr Dede Rosyada while giving opening remarks in front the visiting professor and research fellowship program UIN Jakarta participants in diorama room, Monday (11/14).  “Not only Islamic Studies, but UIN Jakarta also provides the studies for other Religions such as Confucian, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Confucian, and even Judaism. We even have a professor who studied Confucian (Prof Dr M Ikhsan Tanggok MA). ” He said.

In addition to the undergraduate degree, the Faculty of Ushuluddin also offers this program study for the master degree. Not only has that but the master’s study program also offered the specialization in the field of Confucian Religion Studies.

As explained by the rector, in taking care of tolerance and respect for the pluralistic reality attitude, the Comparative Religion study program is much needed by the people of Indonesia and the world.  “Indonesian Islam who is known very friendly and appreciates the plurality certainly needs this kind of study program,” He added.

For information, the Faculty of Ushuluddin UIN Jakarta offered Comparative Studies of Religion study program. This study program offers two specializations, Confucian and Inter-Religious Harmony specialization. This program has been opened since 2014 and followed by forty students with a Confucian background. (zm/ika p/umar)

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