Lebak, UIN NEWS Online– To get closer to the life of rural community including the dynamics and problematic they faced, Student Association of Dakwah Department, Faculty of Dakwah and Communication, UIN Jakarta held a social event in Kampung Sinarjaya, Muncang, Lebak, Banten.  The community service is held for two weeks (29 / 07-12 / 08/2016) targeting the areas of education, health, religious and community development, also economic outreach.

No less than 50 students followed this community service. Besides the students of the Department of Management of Da’wa, some participants from the Faculty of Tarbiya and Teaching Science UIN Jakarta and Faculty of Islamic Studies, University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta. The group of social charity itself was released directly by Vice Dean for Student Affairs, Dr. Suhaimi, M.Si. The activities itself was implemented with the support of the local government agencies ranging from the Department of Health Lebak, Lebak Police, Muncang Sector Police, the Environment Institution of  Lebak, Bazda villages, and government targeted areas.

The activity of community service volunteers is fairly solid. From morning until night, they held teaching and learning activities at Sirna Jaya Primary School (SD) which only have two teaching staff. Participants were also involved in the maintenance of the mosque, charity for orphans, providing trash cans, the socialization of the health sector, to the ideology of terrorism and radicalism counseling. Because the target of this activity is all elements of society from its children, village youth, and parents.

“This community service program is held by students with their role as agent of change. So with this kind of activity the student is expected to have a social sensitivity towards the community because the students themselves are part of society,” said Ali Alatas, Head of Association of Da’wa Management Student.

Ali the fifth semester student, also added, that the theme of the community service is Embracing Others, Stepping Forward With Real Action. With this theme, such activities can introduce UIN Jakarta, expand the network and to remind student to do community service. “So this is a positive activity that should be appreciated and continued,” Ali concluded. (usa-rs)

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