Depok, UIN News Online – The faculty of educational sciences (FITK) of UIN Jakarta held a gathering with 15 community leaders around the PPG Building Depok area on Tuesday, (06/19/2019).

They consisted of the Chairperson and Secretary of the MUI Bojongsari District, the Head of the Bojongsari Baru Village, Sawangan Police, Community Counselors (PMKM), the Chairman of Bojongsari District PK, the Chairperson of the Youth and Karangtaruna Organization.

Dean of FITK UIN Jakarta Sururin, accompanied by Deputy Dean for General Administration Abdul Muin, and Deputy Dean for Student Affairs Khalimi in her remarks thanked for the community leaders willingness in attending the meeting.

Sururin hopes that community leaders can work together to provide input to UIN Jakarta both morally and materially to maintain, and support the existence of this building.

According to Sururin, UIN Jakarta plans to build mosques and dormitories for PPG students. Because, in 2019, said Sururin, the PPG PAI and Madrasah programs have begun its online learning, from June to September.

“After that, they will come and continue their study here for five weeks,” said Sururin.

In the dialogue session, Chairman of the MUI Bojongsari Muhammad Husen hoped that UIN Jakarta could synergize with community activities, especially religious activities to enlighten their understanding on comprehensive Islamic teachings.

Furthermore, the existence of the PPG UIN Jakarta Building is expected to provide blessings in increasing development growth, economy, education and spiritual activities and reducing the unemployment in the Bojongsari region.

“We also asked UIN Jakarta to provides scholarship for the local residents,” he said

In line with Husen, the Lurah of Bojongsari Baru Village H A Subandi proposed the use of local human resources by UIN Jakarta, including for parking, waste, and security management. “At least 75% of human resources are taken from local residents,” he said.

Subandi also straightened out the mention of the PPG Sawangan Depok Building. He revealed, Sawangan District was divided in two, Sawangan District and Bojongsari District. The PPG Building itself is located at Bojongsari District, Bojongsari Baru Village.

“We should call it PPG UIN Bojongsari Depok building, not PPG UIN Jakarta Sawangan Depok Building,” he said.

In response, Sururin welcomed the input from the community leader. For human resources, added Sururin, FITK is ready to provide HR recommendations from local residents to the leadership of UIN Jakarta.

“We will recommend to the rectorate to prioritizing the local human resources, including scholarships. For the building name, thank you for correcting, we will use the UIN Bojongsari for this building,” said Sururin. (usa)

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