Green Area, BERITA UIN Online– UKM KMPLHK RANITA UIN Jakarta was running an event called “UIN Green Campus 2016” in Green Area of UIN on Friday, April 22nd. This event coincided with earth day and it was expected to encouraging civitas academica of UIN Jakarta to more aware of their environment.

GivelaNur Khaleda, member of KMPLHK RANITA, said that UIN Green Campus 2016 brings three main agenda, those are saving energy movement, waste management, and green area management. “Those three agenda are the main issues that UIN Jakarta need to be more aware of,” she said. Givela, who studying sharia banking, said that civitas academica of UIN jakarta should not using lift for one day to save the energy. According to KMPLHK RANITA, one of the massive usage of energy is using lift, they have calculated that 5.5 watt is used for lift to going up, the same amount of energy is required for lift to going down. “Can you imagine that one lift carry out the passengers more than 20 times each day, how many energy we need to do that? Not to mention if only one person use the lift at that time, that will be wasting a lot of energy,” said Givela.

The second problem is waste management, KMPLHK RANITA executes an action called “pick up the garbage” and educate to civitas academica of UIN jakarta about the jeopardy of the plastics. About green area management, KMPLHK RANITA has created seven biopores holes in front of Student Center, wall climbing area, UIN Jakarta’s park, Aula Madya’s park. “UIN Jakarta needs more reservoir, so we optimize the terrain areas”said Givela. (Translated by Ihsan/Yaqin)

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