Masjid al-Jami’ah, UIN NEWS online– Civitas UIN Jakarta held a joint prayer for the late Lawrence (21), V semester students of the Department of Management, Faculty of Economics and Business, after Friday prayers at Masjid Al-Jamia’ah, Friday (29/1), the prayer was led by Ustadz Drs. Rohmatullah MA attended by the rector, the vice chancellor and the head of the bureau.

In between prayers together, Vice-Rector for Student Affairs Prof. Dr. Yusron Razak M.Si revealed, UIN Jakarta continues to coordinate with the police in order to investigate the theft of which resulted in the death of Lawrence. “Hopefully in the not too distant future, the incident can be investigated and the perpetrators can be dealt with immediately,” he said.

Known, Lawrence died after being stabbed culprit operates in rented on the street H. Abdul Gani, 98 RT 01/03, Cempaka Putih, Ciputat, South Tangerang, on Monday (25/01) ago. Before he died, the deceased was treated at Fatmawati Hospital and the Hospital of Siloam.

Referring to the incident, Conan hopes that the students of UIN Jakarta will always be vigilant. Professor of Anthropology also expects the support of the community around UIN Jakarta to continue to increase the security of the area. (Translated by: Ihsan/Safee)

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