Rectorate Builidng, UIN NEWSOnline– At 6 am on Thursday, Prof Dr Ali Mustafa Ya’qub passed away at Hermina Hospital in Ciputat. UIN Jakarta’s scholars were in deep grief after the former Istiqlal Mosque grand imam died. Prof Dr Dede Rosyada MA, rector of UIN Jakarta, said that civitas academica of UIN Jakarta and muslim society have lost the Batang-born Central Java ulema (scholars of muslim religious law) who was born on March 2nd, 1952.

According to rector, Ali was known as a prominent Islamic scholar, humble, honest and all out to serve as an Islamic educator. Despite of his hustle and bustle going on for different institutions, he did not forget about the importance of islamic education, Ali founded and took care of an islamic boarding school called Daarus-Sunnah.

UIN Jakarta is owing to his merit as Ali has taught several faculties and departments such as Tafsir Haditsh Study in Faculty of Ushuluddin, Faculty of Dirasat Islamiyah and a lot of UIN Jakarta’s students study in his pesantren, Daarus-Sunnah. “Moreover, some Ali’s students have followed their teacher, to serve as ulama even becoming lecturer in UIN Jakarta,” rector said.

Meanwhile, civitas academics of UIN Jakarta expressed their deep condolence, one of them is Dr. M. Nurul Irfan, head of department of Islamic Criminal Law. Furthermore, a student of Darus-Sunnah said that,” Hopefully, Ustadz Ali passed away in khusnul khatimah (have a good end) and min ahlil jannah (becoming an inhabitant of heaven), the sign was appeared on his calmly face during his demise”. Farid Wajdi Nakib, a lecturer at Daarul Quran Islamic Boarding School and alumni of Tafsir Hadiths Faculty of Ushuluddin, conveyed his sorrow over the late. Farid, who has studied in Daarus-Sunnah from 2000 until 2005 nearly disbelieve about ustad Ali passed away. He admits that ustad Ali has been an important person to his life. When he was studying, ustad Ali has always encouraged him to memorize the holy Qur’an. “I memorize Al-Quran because of ustad Ali, he is blessed by the God until he dies today”, said Farid.

Muhammad Nida Fadlan, lecturer in Faculty of Adab and Humanity loses his teacher. Nida, who has joined at several islamic theories delivered by the late said that muslims have lost their ulema, the one who expert in hadiths, “May Allah SWT brings to us a new successor for Islam, Indonesia and the World”, Nida hopes. Lecturer in Tafsir Haditsh Faculty of Ushuluddin, Dr Rifqi Muhammad MA, also disbelieve about the death of Ustad Ali. According to Rifqi, since they both acted as the speakers at National Seminar “Gerakan radikal: Problem Pemahaman Teks Hadis” last November, 2015 in Faculty of Ushuluddin, he had never heard about the disease against Ustad Ali. Rifqi is amazed by Ali’s knowledge and simplicity, therefore, he intends to research Ustad Ali’s works and thoughts. “Before Ali passed away, i was intending to meet him and ask his opinion, but now that will no longer happen”, said Rifqi.

Vice rector, Prof. Dr. Murodi MA said that UIN Jakarta and muslim world are in deep condolence. Ali has become one of the influential person to UIN Jakarta. Since Daarus-Sunnah has been established, most of their santri are UIN Jakarta’s students, therefore, “The death of Ustad Ali is our deep grief,” said Murodi.

Ali, the former UIN Jakarta’s lecturer, has studied in Seblak Jombang and Tebuireng Islamic Boarding School. From 1976 until 1985, He studied in Faculty of Sharia, Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University, Riyadh in Saudi Arabia and continued his post-graduate at King Saud University in 1985, majoring Tafsir Haditsh then obtained doctorate degree from University of Nizamia, Hyderabad, India in 2008 majoring Islamic Law. After finished his study, Ali came back to Indonesia and became a lecturer in many institutions namely Institut Ilmu al-Quran, Institut Studi Ilmu al-Quran, Sekolah Tinggi Islam Dakwah al-Hamidiyah, and UIN Jakarta. In UIN Jakarta, Ali has taught in Ulumul Haditsh and Takhrij Haditsh subjects in faculty of Ushuluddin. (Translated by: Ihsan/Yaqin)

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