hololAula Madya, UIN News Online – Chemical education students from the Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teachers Trainings (FITK) UIN Jakarta Holds Seminar on Halal Care in Aula Madya, Thursday, (12/8). This seminar was held to give the education and information about the halal product to the consumers.

The seminar was opened by the head of chemical education study program Burhanudin Milama M. Pd and attended by two hundred students. The seminar itself presented four speakers, Adi Riyadhi M. Si (Halal product auditor from Majelis Ulama Indonesia/MUI), Salamah Agung, S. Si., Apt., M.A., Ph. D., (Head of Center for Audit and Quality Control LPM UIN Jakarta), Dr. H. Yahya Iskandar, M. Pd, from the Ministry of Religious Affairs, and Drs.  A. Samsudin from LPPOM Banten. This event will be hosted by Chemical Education lecturer Buchori Muslim M.Pd.

In his remarks, Milama appreciated the awareness of students in grasping the issues of halal products which are widely consumed by the public. According to him, the public awareness regarding with the halal aspect are increasing rapidly.

“I am proud to the students who are concerned about this issue and willing to try to make a real contribution to the society,” he said.

The director for the seminar, Muhammad Yusup Sartono explained that this seminar was originated from the discussions among the chemical education students on the issue of the guarantee of halal food and cosmetics products which are widely used and consumed by the society.

Halalness an important part for every Muslim, because it affects the religious activities that we carry out,” he said. (ika p/umar)

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