PPB Office, UIN News Online – As carried out in previous years, the Center for Language Development (PPB) UIN Jakarta held Arabic and English tests for all new students from 12-30 August 2019 at the PPB Building, Campus 2 of UIN Jakarta.

“This result can be used for various purposes, one of which is class division in each faculty,” said the head of PPB UIN Jakarta Nurul Azkiyah through e-mail addressed to the Faculty Deans and Vice Deans for Academic Affairs, Friday (08/30/2019).

Therefore, she continued in the letter, the Arabic and English language competencies of new students have increased when compared to the previous year.

“The mean score for Arabic is 378 and 390 for English,” she said.

She also added, due the re-registration of the SPMB Mandiri was postponed until August 26, there are several freshmen who had not taken the test. “The full inputting process cannot be completed this week given the large number of students in SPMB Mandiri. Until last Tuesday, the data that had been successfully inputted reached 5000,” she said.

Azkiyah also said, for Arabic, the test material used was the ITLA (Ikhtibarat at Ta’lim al Lughoh al Arabiyyah). The use of ITLA was approved by the former Rector of UIN Jakarta at the time Dede Rosyada due to the diverse backgrounds of UIN Jakarta students.

“ITLA uses the same scoring system as the (paper-based) TOEFL with a maximum score of 670,” she said.

PPB also proposes that ITLA to be used for secular study program students, and they must take the TOAFL exam no later than the fifth semester. For this matter, the Rector’s Decree is required as a reference if approved.

“For more details, please contact the Chairperson of PPB UIN Jakarta or the Arabic and English Language Coordinator at PPB,” she concluded. (usa/lrf/mf)

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