Jogjakarta, UIN NEWS Online– Chairman of Lecturer Association of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Teachers (PD PGMI) Dr Fauzan MA inaugurated the PD PGMI Central Java-Central Java Regional Coordinator of the 2017-2022 Service Period on Tuesday (12/12/2017) at Atrium Premiere Hotel Jogjakarta.

After leading the inauguration, Fauzan in his speech confirms that the activeness of PGMI lecturers in the association or special association PD PGMI Central Java-DIY will have an impact on the accreditation of PGMI itself.

“Later it will all be inputted to the website of PD PGMI and there is a membership card and its activeness will be monitored continuously,” said Vice Dean for Student Affairs Cooperation and Alumni (Vice Rector 3) Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training (FITK) UIN Jakarta.

In the future, he continued, PD PGMI Indonesia will be a forum for the development of lecturers of PGMI Indonesia, because the program is jointly owned and not belong to certain PTKIN.

Quoted from, the inauguration is done based on the Decision Letter of Teachers Lecturer of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (PD-PGMI) Education No. 01 / PP-PDPGMI / XII / 2017 on Legalization of Lecturer Association of Teacher Education Lecturer of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Area Coordinator of Java Central and DIY Period 2017-2022.

In the position of Chairman, there are Dr. Aninditya Sri N MPd of UIN Sunan Kalijaga, Vice Chairman 1 H Fakrur Rozi Mag from UIN Walisongo, Vice Chairman 2 Mufatihatu Taubah MPdI of STAIN Kudus. For the Secretary, Ahwy Oktradiksa MPdI UM Magelang, Treasurer Endang Sulistyowati UIN Sunan Kalijaga were chosen to hold the office.

In the field of Research Service and Scientific Publications held by Laelatul Badriah MPd of Alma Ata University, Mustajab MPdI from IAINU Kebumen, Peni Susapti MSI IAIN from Salatiga and Aniqoh MThI of STAINU Purworejo.

In the field of Educator Development, held by  Diyah Mintasih MPd from STAIYO, Dra Alik Chusnah MPD from IIM Surakarta, H Hidayatul Mustofa MPdI of STAI Al-Muhammad Cepu Blora and Ari Purwanto MPDI STAI Khozinatul Ulum Blora.

In the field of Quality Assurance held Herman Khunaivi MPd STAI Al-anwar Sarang Rembang, Hamidulloh Ibda MPd STAINU Temanggung and Ma’as Shobirin MPd Unwahas.

While in the field of HR held by Inayatul Ulya MSI from IPMAFA Pati, Samsudin MPdI of IIQ an-Nur and Anita Desi Kusumaningtyas MPd from University Sunan Pandanaran. (usa)

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