Central Library, UIN News Online – Central Library of UIN Jakarta holds Online Journal and Plagiarism Checker socialization at the 7th floor of Central Library, Campus I of UIN Jakarta, Friday, (9/29/2017). The socialization is attended by all faculty, department, institution, librarian, and UIN Jakarta journal management team representatives.

The socialization is opened by the Head of Library Amrullah Hasbana S. Ag S.S MA and presents several resource persons. Among them are Among them are Representative of TURN IT IN Plagiarism Checker Application as well as IG-Publishing Representative (Ririana, Representative of Springerlink Nelly, Online J-Stor Ichiau representative, and representative of Arab World Research Source Eric.

In his remarks Amrullah said that this socialization is expected to optimize the usage of online journal that already subscribed by Central Library for all civitas academica of UIN Jakarta. Moreover, this activity is also expected to raise an awareness of the academicians to be more careful in writing scientific papers so as not to get caught in the act of plagiarism.

“The writing of both current and future scientific papers and publications are not only on how to fulfill the scientific precepts by reference and analysis. The biggest challenge is to avoid plagiarism,” said Amrullah.

During her presentation, Representative of TURN IT IN Plagiarism Checker Application Ririana suggested that plagiarism level checks in scientific papers are not enough to use the free application provided by the online provider, because such applications can only check in a limited level.

“Additionally, the use of those free apps might be quite risky. The author who checks plagiarism in his work may lose a copy right of his writing. So it needs an application with adequate quality and capacity,” she said.

Anti-Plagiarism Account

Furthermore, Amrullah added that the UIN Jakarta Library Center itself has subscribed to TURN IT IN Plagiarism Checker application. This application will allow UIN Jakarta to have 111 anti-plagiarism accounts to check writings in the form of journals and various academic works of the academicians.

“This subscription is expected to maximize our efforts to minimize the occurrence of plagiarism in academic work,” he added.

These 111 accounts, he explained, will be coordinated by super admin account in the Library Center. Another 110 accounts, he added, are planned to be given to 56 courses, 12 faculty libraries, journal management teams, Quality Assurance Institutions and Institute for Research and Community Outreach. (usa)

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