Main Auditorium, UIN NEWS Online— Center for Business Development of UIN Jakarta opened a series of Student Entrepreneur Seminar and Festival 2017 entitled ‘Growing Entrepreneurship Soul in the Era of Globalization ‘ that held for Tuesday – Wednesday (25-26/4/2017). The event that was held at main auditorium and student centar was opened by Regional Assistant I of South Tangerang City Governance Dr Rahmat Salam M.Si. He represents The mayor Hj. Airin Rachmy Diany M.Kn, M.H who is unable to attend.

In the event, the seminar placed in the Main Auditorium presents a number of speakers such as the Board of Business Development Forum PTKIN Dr. Ahmad Tjahja Nugraha M.Si and Owner of CV Enha Farm Midin Muhidin. The student entrepreneurship festival was held at the Student Center Building. The festival is followed by exhibition of products and business services from dozens of UIN Jakarta student young Entrepreneur groups from various faculties.

Head of UIN Jakarta Business Development Center Dr. H Abdur Razak MA in his welcoming remarks revealed, the series of entrepreneurial seminars and festivals is an activity held to encourage entrepreneurial spirit of students. According to him, entrepreneurial spirit needs to be developed among the younger generation. “We want after graduation and scholars, they are ready to perform work in enterpreneurship sector,” he said.

Meanwhile, Rahmat in his speech said that students are required to be a pioneer in the socio-economic development of the surrounding community. To become a pioneer, students need to dare to plunge and hone their ability to entrepreneurship.
“Do not get stuck with hiring. Be job creators. Because in addition to theirself, the jobs created, you can benefit exponentially for others, “he explained. (usa)

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