Cireundeu, UIN NEWS Online – To commemorate Earth Day which falls on April 22, 2018, the scout of UIN Jakarta held a clean-up action in Situ Gintung, Cireundeu, Ciputat Timur, South Tangerang. In addition to cleaning up the garbage, they also raised environmental support from residents to sign the provided banners.

The event started at 07.00. A total of 50 scouts are deployed in the Situ Gintung tourist area, especially along the jogging track where the locals used to do morning exercises. Along the way, the scouts picked up scattered trash, both organic and non-organic waste. Then they collected the garbage to be put in the dump.

The action of the scouts could invite the sympathy and attention of passersby. Some caring citizens are seen also helping and picking up trash.

At the same time, some scouts set 1 x 4-meter banner on the side of the road for residents to sign. The signing of banners is intended as a form of approval of residents to love the environment and will maintain cleanliness around the sights.

The event coordinator, Anita Rosmawati, said the clean action of garbage is one form of scout concern for the environment. Especially in scouting education, which values the importance of maintaining and love the environment in accordance with dasa dharma second, to love nature and affection for fellow human beings.

“The scout ideal is simple but meaningful, picking up the garbage that pollutes this environment is also one of the example” he said.

According to Nita (her nickname, Red), Earth Day which is annually celebrated throughout Indonesia, made momentum for UIN Jakarta scouts by holding sympathetic action to clean the environment. This action also provides an example for residents not to litter.

For Nita, waste is not a trivial matter. Therefore, household and factory waste can not only contaminate the environment, but also very unsightly if disposed of in any place. Therefore, he appealed to residents or anyone, always get used to throw garbage in place.

“Burning garbage is also not a solution, because it will only cause an air pollution,” she said.

Disposing of the most effective waste, she continued, one of which is to bury the garbage in the soil. However, not all garbage can be buried, except organic waste that is easy to decompose. If non-organic waste, should be re-utilized, such as be handicraft items of interest and economic.

“Now it’s a lot of waste management. There are junk banks for non-organic, there is also waste for organic compost. So, all is useful, “he explained. (usa)

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