Bandung, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta is encouraged to manage its business unit activities more seriously, because business units can become a foundation in financing campus academic and non-academic development programs. UIN Jakarta itself has high business potential to supports its institutional activities.

This was conveyed by the Business Director of Universitas Brawijaya Anthon Efani during the UIN Jakarta’s Leadership Meeting (Rakerpim) 2019, held at el Royale Hotel, Bandung, Friday (03/29/2019).

As Public Service Agency (BLU) university, he continued, UIN Jakarta has a great opportunity in exploring its business potential. “Both UIN Jakarta and Universitas Brawijaya has enormous potential in exploring its business potential,” said Anthon.

According to Anthon, business opportunities can be managed by a business unit to explore the revenues in order to finance the tri dharma (Three Pillars) of higher education. In its development, this business unit can be divided into two business units, Academic Business Entities and Non-Academic Business Entities.

“Academic business entities will explore and manage research and academic based economic potential, while non-academic business entities are tasked with exploring and managing the commercial business units,” he said.

On the same occasion, UIN Jakarta’s Vice Rector of General Administration Ahmad Rodoni considered that the business unit management carried out by Universitas Brawijaya can be applied at UIN Jakarta

“By looking at the Universitas Brawijaya experience, optimizing business opportunities can be applied at UIN Jakarta to maximize the funding of tri dharma,” said Ahmad. (usa)

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